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3D Print Your Custom Chess Set Here!



Thinking of a unique gift for your chess-loving freinds and family? ... (more)

CAMufacturing presents at INCOM 2015


snapshot of submission

CAMufacturing Solutions presented a paper at IFAC's 2015 INCOM in Ottawa! ... (more)

Check Out the New Offices


We've moved!... (more)

Pumpkins 2.0


UWindsor pumpkin

Take two on CNC pumkpins! With proof of concept already established, we set out to streamline the process so kids can participate!... (more)

New Software Engineer at CAMufacturing Solutions


CAMufacturing Solutions has made a new hire, Christopher Burford!... (more)

Decorative Plaques for Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary


3D Printing Jack Miner

CAMufacturing Solutions and the University of Windsor Advanced Manufacturing and Design Recovery lab fabricate decorative plaques for new park benches at the Jack Miner bird sanctuary in Kingsville Ontario.... (more)

CAMufacturing Solutions featured in WEtech



CAMufacturing Solutions is the featured company in the Member Spotlight this month!... (more)

CNC Pumpkin Carving... Because we can!


CNC Pumpkin

Why carve with knives when you have a CNC machine?

At CAMufacturing Solutions we like to have fun, experiment, play with machines… and who doesn't love a good Jack-O-Lantern? :)... (more)

From Pixels to Chips


Mastercam, lathe. vase

As part of her training, Ashley was given a 2 ½" long bar of 2 ½" diameter cold-rolled steel (1020), a copy of Mastercam X6 and access to the CNC lathe, and she was told to go nuts! Throwing her in the deep end to teach her how to swim, Ashley learned about part design and design for machining... (more)

A Filter Adapter Made to Order


Custom Camera Filter Design

A friend of ours is a photographer and required a specialized filter adapter for his 35mm camera. We told him "We have the technology to make you a filter adapter" and sent him out to get a 4" diameter piece of T6061 aluminum for us to whittle away on with the CNC lathe... (more)

The All-Encompassing FEF Logo Design



In preparation for a visit from FEF officials to the University of Windsor (Dr. Jerry Sokolowski's lab), we made an FEF plaque. We used the FEF logo, University of Windsor logo, the Ontario provincial logo, and designed a swoopy Maple Leaf to represent Windsor, Ontario, Canada... (more)

The Ultimate Custom Laptop Workstation


CAD Workstation

Working in front of a computer for 8+ hours a day requires an ergonomic computer workstation to avoid fatigue. After checking for available commercial solutions and not finding anything to our liking, we decided to use our in-house CAD/CAM technology to create our own... (more)

The Crankshaft Pulley


CAD Pulley

You hear a tick, tick, tick sound in your engine compartment of your highly modified 1977 Corvette. Is it the lifters? In this case, after sophisticated diagnosis... (more)

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