Iris: Interactive Real-time Information System

Iris is a complete system developed by CAMufacturing Solutions Inc. with the aim at providing an advanced solution to proper document management. The idea began as an implementation to virtual set-up sheets, and quickly evolved into the complete product that it is today.

Iris is composed of three main consituents: Iris Database, Iris Project Assistant, Iris Project Manager.

Iris Overview Image

Iris Database

The Iris Database provides a singular point of reference for all project related information. One of the main benefits of this system is its ability to organize and track on-the-fly changes made to projects from anywhere on the local network, effectively eliminating the propagation of outdated information.

Iris Project Assistant

The Iris Project Assistant is a mobile application specifically optimized for industrial environments. This app allows users anywhere on the network to access up-to-date project details, as well as update/edit project information from the shop/factory floor. This seamlessly connects designers and remote personnel to the individuals who are working at the machines. Another advantageous feature of this assistant is the ability to capture, classify, and upload realtime video and images of faults for troubleshooting and future reference.

Iris Project Manager

The Iris Project Manager maintains project information resulting in a single and current copy of all project documents and details. This manager also maintains a revision archive, along with details of revisions such as the date a change was made, the user who performed said change, and reasons for the change.

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