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Design of Custom Engineering and Manufacturing Software

This service focusses on the design of custom Mastercam add-ons. We specialize in developing tools to increase efficiency and/or enable innovative processes with cutting-edge technology. Some customization examples include:

  • CAM family of parts
  • Custom toolpath development
  • Customized software for automation
  • Parametric toolpath programming
  • Additive Manufacturing travel paths and simulation

Custom Mobile Applications for Machining

Hand-held devices, whether a cell phone, a tablet, or something in-between, have largely replaced pocket calendars, phonebooks, agendas, alarm clocks... they are ubiquitous in our lives. These "smart" devices have enabled us to become more efficient at ordering pizza, doing a last minute mass-invite for a party, or simply snapping candid pics of your cat while video chatting in a meeting, reading the news headlines, and making dinner reservations... why not bring that same speed and efficiency onto the manufacturing floor. We are now developing products to improve your performance by exploiting the capabilities of our mobile devices.

Specialized Training Services

Sometimes you know exactly what you want, and the out of the box software doesn't do the job, but it provides you with the tool box to develop your own add-on modules in-house. We have developed a training program to facilitate these activities, and will tailor our training program to your specific needs. We can also develop a kernel to provide you a foundation for your custom application. Help us help you!

Developing cutting edge CAD/CAM software for advanced manufacturing