UHF: Universal Holding Fixture

UHF, developed in partnership with Robotmaster, provides a way to hold flexible carbon-fibre parts for robotic water-jet trimming.

UHF table

This system consists of a grid of "pogos" with suction cups or clamps. The height of each pogo is programmable, with a programming language similar to G-code, and can be embedded in NC programs.

pogo (UHF) mastercam add-on

CAMufacturing Solutions Inc. has developed a custom add-on for Mastercam in order to easily manipulate parameters associated with the Universal Holding Fixtures. This software is currently being used by top companies, along with this innovative fixture design, to reduce the cost and time otherwise spent in multiple fixture set-up/ dismantling, as well as the storage required to keep this extra equipment.

UHF table close-up screen shot
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