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New technology

Additive toolpaths and simulations

Design it, build it, and cut it. – APlus brings hybrid manufacturing support to Mastercam. Program additive toolpaths, view the additive part model and then save it as a stock model for machining. APlus integrates seamlessly into Mastercam, allowing you to mix additive and machining toolpaths on the same machine or using separate machine tools for additive and machining operations. Select solid, surface or mesh geometry and control the build region using containment boundaries and Z depths. Our development team will work with you to customize our modular additive toolpath engine for your specific process or tool path strategy.

Strength through collaboration

CAMufacturing Solutions, along with Whitfield Welding and the University of Windsor Design Recovery and Advanced Manufacturing Lab, are on the forefront of the movement to develop software for hybrid manufacturing.

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The additive process is not simply the inverse of machining, and thus, we may not simply reverse machining toolpaths for a competent generation of a model. CAMufacturing Solutions, along with our partners, understands the novel complexities presented in hybrid manufacturing. We aim to influence this new era of production by developing the most accurate and advanced additive module, through our continuous data collection, analysis, testing, and refinements.

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Additive toolpaths

APlus is able to generate process-specific toolpaths based on a few process inputs to the intuitive interface. Under development is an intelligent neural network based system which will automatically set the process parameters based on the final product characteristics defined by the user. Modules for both building a part from planar layers and depositing layers of material onto existing surfaces are under development.

3d printing virtual model

Realistic simulation

Our unique graphics allow users to visualize a realistic preview of the result of their additive and/or machining operations.

Increased efficiency and productivity

Seamlessly integrated into CAM software allowing users to combine both additive and machining operations in the same process plan, increasing efficiency and productivity.

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Developing cutting edge CAD/CAM software for advanced manufacturing